Why is my name on this site?

Peertal is a content aggregator that’s powered by people’s opinions, address books & public information on the internet. Our bots help build a digital profile on people & allow others to contribute the platform to build context around our environment.


How can I delete my account?

Boards are created automatically by the community, the only way that they can also be removed is if 30% of visitors also report something as being unappropriate/untrue for the community. You are free to contact us & we can cast our vote for it's deletion but ultimatly this is a community tool & we don't want to overpower the system with our views & opinions.


I don't like what I see, what should I do?

All opinions and views expressed in this program represent the sole opinions and views of the participants involved. As a platform we do not necessarily reflect or represent those of specific views. Our only view is that people should be free to extress their opinions & it's our duty to build a community to help humanities quest for self awareness. Given enough time things will naturally take the path of self correction.



What’s the purpose of this website?

We strongly believe that the internet's most powerful design has been to serve as an equilibrium of power. Peertal as a portal is no different, we believe there are people doing amazing things online that deserve recognition while others may need to become more self aware. Fundamentally we see Peertal as a global movement for better transparency & accountability.


Why is the company setup in the USA?

We believe the constitution for freedom of speech & democracy is most advance today in the USA. The geographical location makes it accessible to most & we believe serves are a good initial starting point.


How can I update my details?

By clicking on the login, signup button a temporary session link will be sent to your email. By clicking on that link you should be able to login & update any details that relate to a specific profile or board.

How can I remove comments & reviews?

Peertal staff and members are not moderate the platform specifically. The system is designed with group interest in mind. If something is on there users are able to cast their votes but the system algorithm decides on rating & sort order based on interactions. You are free to edit your own comments & you can reach out to us to report a specific post however the power ultimatly sits with the community.


How is my score calculated?

Profile scores are calculated and updated based on the following rules:

  • Your online presence, The more diverse presence & footprint you have online, the greater your credibility. Our bots are regularly scanning a variety of networks to determine your position.

  • Your community emotional & intelligence rating, your network knows you best & they can help highlight the outliers that should be better recognised.

  • Your community strengths & weaknesses, People with more strengths & less weaknesses should be rewarded, that is their key skill & they should be valued more as specialists.

  • Your comments on other profiles, to prevent people been abusive & spamming, what they say in the comments section should also impact their profile score. The community is empowered to self regulate that behaviour.

  • Your Network, It’s always been known that you’re an average of all your friends. As long as you are in the same network then you will be known by association. This will also prevent people from connecting and linking with spammers / fake accounts.

  • Your activity on the platform says a lot about you. People have two ears & one mouth, they should be used in the same ratio.


How frequently is my score update?

The score needs to be recalculated every 12 hours. The reason for that is people change, your rating will change. The score should also be always calculated to 2 decimal places.